Anonymous said: do u know that one website where we write down one band and they like tell u some more with the same genre?? oh my god pls help

noo im sorry :-( anyone else know???

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Niall commenting Ashton’s IG picture today. (17/4/14)

Niall commenting Ashton’s IG picture today. (17/4/14)

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a disney movie where the prince eats ass

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Anonymous said: okay so after is like a lot of mental abuse while she's saying he doesn't because he's never hit her ugh it's so bad for girls to read and think that that's okay

i hate fics like those where they romanticize the shit out of things that are obviously wrong 😒

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Anonymous said: after sucks he abuses her

oh man…………:-/

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Anonymous said: Reg.. Is it difficult to get a guy hard? Sorry this sounds so stupid but I wanna have sex with my bf but it's my first time and what if he doesn't get hard? I'm scared :(

girl listen…getting a guy hard isnt difficult at all esp if he’s into you haha there was this one time all i had to do was bite my lip for this guy to pop a boner lmao

also, if you’re scared then maybe you’re not ready to have sex yet but that’s just my opinion

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who cares like really who the fuck fucking cares

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